Hello, and welcome to Foolish Kingdom!! A place of delinquent delights and endless fun!

I have designed every product with the most magical of characters. I love insane rodents and pretty colours and I wanted to share these things with the rest of the world! I’m greatly inspired by classic cartoons from circa 1940, Japanese style cartoons and vintage product packaging(circa1950-1960). I wanted to blend these elements to create yummy pieces of art you can wear, hang on your wall or whatever you want to do with it. So please enjoy your visit and stay as long as you like in the Foolish Kingdom!!

Much luv!



Here are a few of my professional career highlights thus far…

-The Looney Tunes Show – I redesigned Bugs Bunny and the rest of the cast for a new series on Cartoon Network from 2011-2013. (Warner Bros.)

-The Good Little Bunny with the Big Bad Teeth – Directed and designed, animation short (independent)

-Fairies and Dragons – Happy Meal Toys for McDonalds Europe, I designed the characters for the toys and first ever digital Happy Meal games (Fuel Industries)

I Like Pandas – Directed and designed animated short, screened at Nicktoons Film Fest, OIAF, and Winner of “Best Flash Film” at the Frederator Awards. It was also featured in a Rogers commercial, and has 280,000 views on YouTube  (Independent)

-Character Designer at Dainty Productions, Inc., where I worked on: “Elmo’s A-to-Zoo Adventure” Sesame Street Nintendo Wii and DS game, a segment of “Dino Dan” airing on TVO/Nick Jr. in 2011, and “SuperStar Tap” iPhone game

-Lead Illustrator at Fuel Industries for 4 years, where I worked on such brands as: Johnson & Johnson, Riggly’s Hubba Bubba, Life Savers and many more.

All Girl Arcade – I designed the characters for this online world and game portal (Fuel Industries)

-Star Girls- I was Director and Character Designer for the show, featured on Nicktoons Network (Copernicus Studios)

-Ren and Stimpy Adult Cartoon Party– Animator (Spumco)